“they are the iris of your eye my Savior”

Metropolitan George Khodr

Metropolitan George Khodr

No one can ever put you in writing my Lord. You inscribed the universe with your blood. Your blood alone was the Word, the utterance, through which we came to discover that the uniqueness of God is that He loves. We yearn to you because of that freedom, through which you abolished slavery from the nature of religion, proclaiming us as your beloved, and that we may dare to call upon your Father since you made us your house’s own. . . .

This is a message from his Eminence Archbishop George Khodr, Orthodox Christian Metropolitan of Mount Lebanon, a word of adoration and a prayer. It is translated from Arabic and there are phrases in which the meaning is somewhat unclear, but overall the light shines through. One may access the entire prayer here: http://www.ortmtlb.org.lb/Nahar/Nazaren.htm

And here is a portion of the prayer which relates to the theme of this weblog:

. . . O very sweet Jesus, make your home in the hearts of the poor and beggars of the earth, whether they know you or never have they heard of you. They are all yours through your one love to them. Accompany, my Lord, the children who are abandoned by their parents to all kind of iniquities. Calm down the weight of terrible diseases. Heal the solitude of the afflicted. Be the harmony and unity of the married and nurture their children. Take upon yourself these peoples, who the civilized nations, call retarded- for they are the iris of your eye my Savior. Assure the oppressed that you came to undo the oppression; that you are opposed to the oppressor until he repents. . . .

For a biography of on Metropolitan George Khodr: http://www.ortmtlb.org.lb/aplet4/metropolitan.htm

Reprinted with amendments from February 2008


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  1. 1 wonker March 17, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.


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