the 2 keys to children’s social development:

Faithful Fathers and Parents who love each other

(according to Dr. John Boojamra of blessed memory in his book Foundations for Orthodox Christian Education {see review at the bottom of the post})
This foundational reality is, obviously, applicable to families with members with disability. It is crucial for their socialization into the Church , the Body of Christ, for witness to the community at large. Click on and see

socialization: becoming Living Stones « Arms Open Wide

&   living stones- socialization revisited, in relation to deification

Some Resources

1. Fathers are Crucial, with some additional online resources listed:

New! Click on the following: Orthodox Christian Network – CRTL: Speaking About Fatherhood

2. Some Marriage resources listed on posts of this site

Understanding Brokenness in Marriage, by the Rev. Fr. George Morelli:

And Fr. George’s entire 13 part Smart Marriage series as well:

(Info on Fr. George: )

The Orthodox Church in America’s Resource Handbook’s Family Life Webpage:

Touchtone Magazine’s “Praying and Staying Together” Conference, available on CD or cassette, for purchase:

Finally, the Orthodox Christian Conference on the Family, held at New Ostrog:

Here’s the review of

FOUNDATIONS FOR CHRISTIAN EDUCATION, John Boojamra An outstanding Orthodox religious educator lays out the foundations for Orthodox religious education in the family as well as the parish. Those involved in Christian education on any level should do so with the benefit of new knowledge from developmental and educational psychology, and with an understanding, rooted in Christian tradition, of the nature of Christian life. Boojamra analyzes current Christian education practices and identifies the foundations of Orthodox Christian education. (from . . . )

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