Fr.Ted Bobosh on “Why we need Christmas”

I found some very meaningful insights concerning Christmas (and a disability resource) on Fr. Ted Bobosh’s blog .

The ABC’s of Why We Need Christmas: (A .  Adam and Abel; B.  Blessing, Berith, Baptism; C.  Covenant and Creation; D.  David, Demons, Death; E. Eternal, Eve, Evil; F.  Forgiveness) Click below to access:

The ABC’s of Why We Need Christmas: A « Fr. Ted’s Blog The ABC’s of Why We Need Christmas: B « Fr. Ted’s Blog See ABC’s of Why We Need Christmas: C The ABC’s of Why we need Christmas: D The ABC’s of Why We Need Christmas: E Eve and the Ever-Virgin The ABC’s of Why We Need Christmas:  F   Forgiveness

Fr. Ted’s post on “Embracing the Sojourner,” explores how we all ourselves are strangers and sojourners, and how the Apostolic Tradition calls us to welcome aliens, travelers, and strangers when such opportunities present themselves. He also refers to book entitled Brokenness and Blessing by Frances Young, a Protestant biblical scholar, who, in the book, shares what she has learned from her mentally and physically handicapped son in terms of the matter of coping with our own and other’s (even in our own family!)  “sense of being a stranger. Click here to access: Embracing the Sojourner « Fr. Ted’s Blog

I would add that a friend I visit who is in INS detention, is on the verge of being deported to Haiti where he will put in a jail without food and water. His name is George Mathelier; he’s 52 years old and has been in the U.S. for 42 years. His family’s all here. He is a mason by trade. He was caught with drugs in his car, but never convicted; he is being deported for moral turpitude anyway. Even though Haiti has been wracked by 4 devastating storms this year on top of being the western hemisphere’s poorest country, our government will not grant even temporary protected status to Haitian immigrants.

Matthew 25:31-46. … all nations before Christ’s Judgment Seat. “Did you welcome that stranger? It was Me.”

Update: George was deported to Haiti. Of 50 deportees, he was one of 18 which were freed to live with family and friends in Haiti. Pray for him; he needs to make a living and procure the medicines he needs for his diabetes.

We need to ask ourselves if the responsibility for this kind of action is limited to a few bureaucrats or extends to all who could do something about it. To be a government “of the people” carries with it responsibilities.


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