living with service dogs

A fellow Orthodox Christian blogger writes about service dogs and her life with the one she recently acquired. Here is her page on service dogs. Click on:

Service Dogs « Turtle Rock

And here is her blog which describes her life with a service dog:

Living With the Woof

Many of the saints interacted with animals in mutually supportive ways. At times God directed animals to serve saints, such as bringing food to them. Here is a post on another blog by an Orthodox Christian on the subject, with a list of references at the end:

SAFCEI: Saints and animals

Here is a brief description of one of the references from

Dormition Skete Orthodox Books & Items Online

Animals & Man: A State of Blessedness by Joanne Stefanatos D.V. M. A collection of delightful accounts of saints who interacted with animals. (See the Lives of the Saints Collection section on the website for this listing)

Finally here is another post about service dogs:

Seven Amazing Famous Service Dogs – Associated Content

Picture from City of Chesapeake, Virginia – Official homepage


1 Response to “living with service dogs”

  1. 1 turtlemom3 October 30, 2008 at 5:54 AM

    Thank you for the pingback. Of course, even my very highly trained and public access certified dog cannot enter an Orthodox Church, but would be able to go into the Church Hall. My Emmy is teaching me so many things. Each morning she arises with great energy, and the attitude that today will be the best day ever. She inspires me to imitate that. I may not be able to frisk and gambol the way she does, but I can keep a cheerful attitude, and glorify God for all things every day.
    With Love in Christ
    Elizabeth (TurtleRock) (Living with Emmy)


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