reflecting upon our attitudes toward the disabled

This is another article, this time from 1986, from the Orthodox Church of America’s Resource page by Albert Rossi, Gay Rossi and Stewart Armour, entilted, “No Small Change.” Click below to access:

The authors speak of how persons with disability are mirrors for us, of our woundedness, as well as sacraments and icons of God.

They also address how we all need to acknowledge and face our fears, including our fear of persons with disabilities, with prayer and, practically speaking

quite simply, finding the power to do the thing we are afraid of doing. Usually this is done in small, gradual steps, but means facing fears head on. In the realm of dealing with disabled persons, this means first reflecting upon and identifying our fears. Disabled persons often say that they can clearly sense the high fear level of many “able-bodied” persons, especially religious persons. Some of us “able-bodied” persons, may be afraid of initiating a conversation with a blind parishioner at coffee hour, or offering to have lunch with a cerebral palsied colleague, or volunteering for an occasional trip to the local home for the aged.

The authors finishes the article with suggestions on how to do this.


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