healing our disabled wills

icon of Christ\'s Transfiguration on Mt. TaborWe are all disabled in very basic ways, just as we all also may be enabled by God’s Grace to contribute to the realization of His plan on Earth (as it is in Heaven).

This inclusive understanding of disability is not meant to minimize the challenges that people with more obvious functional disabilities have in this life; rather, it is to enable the rest of us to realize our kinship with them in this matter. This is from the articleDo I Really Need to Fast? Why?” in the March/April 2006 bi-monthly newsletter of Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Anchorage, Alaska:

The Church is a hospital and the believer abides within the Church and by its traditions in an effort to heal one’s disabled will and become whole once more, the ultimate aim being union with God. This is the mystery of the working out of our salvation to the glory of God. This mysterious transformation takes place by the Divine workings within the believer and through the believer cooperating with God’s energy (synergy) that he or she may be healed from the wounds of sins and ragings of the passions that cause us to fall into diverse temptations along the way.

for the complete article, click on: DO I REALLY NEED TO FAST ?

from: http://tcgalaska.com/htgoc/vol4issue2.htm


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