Father Ernie

Here is a story, a brief picture of an Orthodox Christian Priest, who, in addition to serving Parish communities for as a priest for the last twelve years, has also been active in service to persons with disability. He has a son who has Down Syndrome, who serves with his father in the altar. Here is that part of Father Ernie’s story:

Meet Rev. Fr. Coulouras, “Father Ernie”

Father Ernie . . .During the 1970’s Rev. Fr. Coulouras was the director of Camp Paul for Exceptional Children (now the Paul Center for Learning and Recreation), a camp for children with special needs, for five years. He helped raise funds to build a handicapped accessible in-ground pool, solicited help from the Nashoba Valley Technical High School to build cabins and replace tents, and was one of four volunteers to put up their own homes as collateral to purchase additional camp property. Rev. Fr. Coulouras has been on the Board of Directors and Advisory Board for Camp Paul for over 20 years.After serving three years as camp director, Rev. Fr. Coulouras’ youngest son, “Johnnie” was born with Downs Syndrome. Johnnie attended Camp Paul until the age 21, and today faithfully serves at the altar of St. George with his father. . . .

for the rest of the story, click on:
http://www.stgeorgegreeklowell.org/ (on this website click on “About Us“)

The Paul Center- click on: http://www.thepaulcenter.org/


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