Three Orthodox Christian families

An Orthodox Christian response to persons with disability in our midst would do well to emphasize ministry to these persons’ entire families. In the RESOURCES section which can be accessed by clicking on “RESOURCES” right above this article, you can scroll down under the “table of contents” and find “families.” I’ve been keeping my eye out for websites relating to Orthodox Christian families with disabled members and have thus far found three. Here’s the address within this blog by which one may access their stories:  

Two of them can be accessed from the blogroll directly to the right. Take a look and you will find: Abide & Endeavor: and Steve and Tony 

The other story is by Khorea Frederica Matthewes-Green, a well known Orthodox author whose grandson has autism. One can access the rest of her very informative and inspiring website after reading the story by clicking on “Home” at the top. And if you might be wondering what else she has to say about disability, here’s the result when you type that word into the search engine on her site:

And just for clarification, Abide and Endeavor is really about life from the perspective of an Orthodox Christian woman who Family at elevation to archpriesthappens to have a daughter with a disability. It’s not about disabilities at all. When she writes about her daughter, its about her abilities and successes. Here’s an example: And her family also includes her Church family. To the right is her spiritual Father, Fr. Stephen Lourie,  and his family at the occasion of his elevation to archpriest. Our spiritual Fathers in Christ are really the most important “disability resorce” we have. (Picture from the blog of Fr. Stephen Lourie: )

And this is altogether right, to celebrate abilities. I mean we all have weaknesses and we all have gifts. See my post on multiple intelligences: as well as this site in which you can explore multiple intelligences: People who have disabilities also have one or more of these intelligences in relative abundance. Surprise, surprise!

Please reply to this post if you know more families with members who have disabilities (as well as intelligences!) who have websites in which they discuss the matter. And I’m going to keep a keener eye out myself.


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