Gentleman, Scholar, Best Buddy

from an 8 year old story from some University of Florida alumni notes: a young Orthodox Christian named Newman Nahas who was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and also had been, according to the notes, a “Best Buddy:

A Rhodes Scholarship, by the way, is a grant to study at the prestigous Oxford University in England; Best Buddies is an organization which seeks to, in their words “enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for on-on-one friendships and integrated employment.” Here’s their website:

I searched the internet for news of Newman; he earned a Masters degree in Philosophy, sought the approach to knowledge (epistemology) in St. Ephrem the Syrian’s writings, and has written an essay on “The Origins and Motivations of Monasticism:”

And just yesterday, I was reading the acknowledgements in my new Orthodox Study Bible and there was his name: Newman Nahas.

I wonder if he keeps up with his best buddy.

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