2 Monasteries in Cleveland, Ohio

In Cleveland, Ohio there are two monasteries of note, in terms of their service to persons with disability, the poor, and the homeless. Not that this is their focus; surely prayer is primary, as at all Orthodox Monasteries, and their service to the community is to all in need; they do not target persons with disability specifically, but rather, manifest a consecrated love for all. From one of their websites:

With the support of the Pan-Orthodox community (all jurisdictions) our Ministry Outreach Programs serve the less fortunate. Help is given with food, shelter referrals, and job referrals. Other vital necessities offered are baby supplies, clothes, furniture, and donated cars. We try to assist everyone who calls for help, including pregnant girls and women, shut-ins, and those in prison, hospitals, and nursing homes. . . . . We serve women, children, men, the elderly, and the handicapped. In addition to helping the needy of our community, we offer care to refugee families, and children undergoing medical treatment with their families who come to Cleveland from around the world. Monastic hospitality is extended to our visitors and guests. Orthodox Services are held in the St. Mary of Egypt Chapel and we welcome your prayer requests. Any woman who would like to learn more about missionary work in America, or the Orthodox monastic life, please call or write to Mother Theonymphie.

We are very thankful to God for all His blessings, seen and unseen and for the gifts of time, material, and financial donations* from the Friends of St. Mary of Egypt through the years. We warmly invite you to join us in the work that Jesus Christ has commanded us to do. Together, with love in Christ, let us continue to give from the blessings that we have received. Your love, prayers, and support make possible the ministry and Orthodox Christian witness of St. Mary of Egypt. If you wish to receive our Newsletter, please contact us.

Please keep us in your prayers
Thank You & God Bless

Mother Theonymphie  of Blessed Memory, (†2013)

Not that other American Orthodox monasteries don’t practice it as opportunities present themselves; its just that this one apparently actively seeks out such opportunities. To access their website: http://www.saintmaryofegypt.org/

the Monastery

Also, the website of St. Herman’s House of Hospitality (for men), also in Cleveland.

(picture from orthodoxcleveland.us/monasteries.html)


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