He makes all men great

from St. Ephrem the Syrian’s Hymns of Epiphany (Theophany) No.4:

10. The lowly one again that has put on, the Giver of all greatness, in the water,—even though he be base in the sight of fools, yet is great in the sight of the Watchers,—for that he is clad in greatness.

11. For like as He Who is great, Who became lowly in His love,—by the unbelievers was persecuted, and by the Watchers was worshipped,—was made lowly and makes the lowly great.

12. Thus let him be lowly who is great, that in him the lowly may be great:—Let us be like to Him Who is greater than all, Who became less than all:—He was made lowly, and makes all men great.

13. The meek man who has put on Him Who is great, in the water,—though humble be his countenance, very great is his discernment,—for He Who is exalted above all dwells in him.

14. For who could be found to despise the bush of thorn,-the despised and humble, wherein the Majesty in fire,-made its dwelling within?

15. Who again could be found, to despise Moses,-the meek and slow of speech,-when that excelling glory-dwelt upon his meekness?

Hear what St. Ephrem is saying- Moses, disabled in speech, received glory from the One Who dwelt upon him, the One Who enabled Him to lead the people through the Red Sea- a type of baptism into Christ- so that because of “that exceeding glory” no one would despise his speech problems. This is a Type that applies to all- but especially persons with disability.

from http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf213.iii.vi.v.html

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” Descend, my brethren, put on from the waters of baptism the Holy Spirit;-be joined with the spirits that minister to the Godhead! . . . . Lo! In the fountain of Christ, the thirst of the peoples is quenched. (Hymn No. 5)

“8. For lo! the Angels rejoice-over one sinner if he repent:-how much more do they now rejoice-that in all churches and congregations,-lo! Baptism is bringing forth-the heavenly from the earthly!” (Hymn No. 6)


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