Meek and Mighty

On the eve of January 5, the 12th day of Christmas (New Calendar) From St. Ephrem the Syrian’s “Hymns of the Nativity no. 8 (The Definition of the 4th Ecumenical Council at Chalcedon on the divinity and humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ in poetic form!):

How meek art Thou!  How mighty art Thou, O Child!465465    Luke ii. 52.  Thy judgment is mighty, Thy love is sweet!  Who can stand against Thee?  Thy Father is in Heaven, Thy Mother is on earth; who shall declare Thee?466466    Is. liii. 8.

If a man should seek after Thy Nature, it is hidden in Heaven in the mighty Bosom of the Godhead; and if a man seek after Thy visible Body, it is laid down before their eyes in the lowly bosom of Mary.

The mind wanders between Thy generations, O Thou Rich One!  Thick folds are upon Thy Godhead.  Who can sound Thy depths, Thou great Sea that made itself little?

We come to see Thee as God, and, lo! Thou art a man:  we come to see Thee as man, and there shineth forth the Light of Thy Godhead! Icon:

Can we not see from the very nature of our Lord’s human generation how just as we will have responded to the least of these His brethren, we will have responded to Him?


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