Disability Films

The following websites provide lists of films that involve disabilities. Of course, none of them aim at a list of films that are evaluated on the basis of an Orthodox Christian view of reality. And so we must be discerning of whether or not the filmmakers in their efforts are seeking for the true, the good, and the beautiful, which is ultimately found in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the personal God Who is the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, to Whom be glory, honor, and worship unto the ages of ages, Amen.

A short award winning film (1999):

http://www.disabilityfilms.co.uk/ “presents a detailed list of over 2500 films which involve in one way or another various disabilities … listed in 15 categories as well as a “Recommended” category. The website is based in the United Kingdom.

Picture This Film Festival: International Disability Film Festival

And here is the website for the “Breaking Down Barriers” International Disability Film Festival in Moscow, Russia: http://festival-eng.perspektiva-inva.ru/?19

Too many choices? Here’s a 2003 list that suggests “25 outstanding disability-based films: http://www.disabilityworld.org/11-12_03/arts/films.shtml

Still too many? Here’s Susan M. LoTempio‘s “very short list” of best disability films- two! But beware; her first recommendation is “Murderball.” The second is “Notting Hill.” http://www.raggededgemagazine.com/departments/reflections/000643.html

King Gimp:

Dan Keplinger, Artist


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