Grisha & friends

(2004) Grisha Rogozhki was raised in a ROOF orphanage in Russia (Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund); he graduated in 2004 and learned an occupational skill – he’s a “qualified joiner.” . . .

He “serves at an Orthodox Church, … studies the Bible, and goes for long cycle rides. . . .

Grigoriy Rogozhkin has studied at ROOF for three years, and is now working on the tenth grade curriculum. He wants to complete high school and continue his studies. He is very serious and responsible in regard to his studies. . . .

Grisha recently received an apartment. And he invited three of his friends, Andrey, Sveta, and Irina, each of whom has physical disabilities, to live with him for the summer.” He understands that to live in the tiny rooms of the orphanage where there are fifty people per floor is intolerable. . . .

The writer of this story, on a visit with the four of them, remarks, “we sat and talked, drinking tea (Grigoriy helped Andrey with his tea, and Sveta helped Irina). We looked at photos. Grisha joked. Overall he seemed a very happy, caring, and funny guy.And everyone laughed, especially Sveta. Irina and Grigoriy told me that at the orphanage Svetlana never laughed.” . . .

Here is the whole story:

And here is the website of ROOF:


2 Responses to “Grisha & friends”

  1. 1 Anna Paliouris January 10, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    I would like to find out more about the orphanage and in which way I could be of help. I live in Canada- Ontario. I am Orthodox.
    Is adoption possible?
    Thank you
    Anna P.


  1. 1 Russian Orphanages « Arms Open Wide Trackback on July 10, 2008 at 9:08 AM

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