marriage support

As a follow-up to Dr. John Boojrama’s insights shared in “Fathers are crucial,” here is a short list of resources for strengthening the marriage relationship of the parents of children with disabilities. Resources (some secular) gleaned from Orthodox lists are listed first, and then some non-Orthodox resources, to be utilized with the blessing of one’s spiritual father:

INFORMATIONAL (On the Family in General)

The “Family Life” Section of the OCA Resource Handbook:

 Touchstone Magazine’s Conference “Praying and Staying Together” on tape:  


Provided by the North American Antiochian Christian Archdiocese Department of Marriage and Parish Family Ministries


TOUGHLOVE INTERNATIONAL, 9-5 (EST) M-F……..1-800-333-1069 For parents of children with behavioral problems, local support groups

Please contact Kh. Maggie if you have a special need that is not listed here. She maintains a database of over 30,000 national referrals.
1- 402-445-0150 (10-2 CST, M-TH)

From OCAMPR- the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, And Religion:

1. Referrals: Rev. Fr. George Morelli, Ph. D., Carlsbad, California , Stephen Muse, Ph. D., Columbus, Georgia , *William David Holden, LPC, CCAS, Boone, North Carolina (click on the name for info)

2. Links from OCAMPR:

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

American Association of Pastoral Counselors (“denominational affiliations” are noted, but not indexed, (indexes are either alphabetical or geographical)

The only resource which I have found so far which specifically focuses on “exceptional families” (and offers marriage support) is secular and located in New Jersey: The Kairos Institute. It sure sounds Orthodox Christian, but there is no online indication that it is, or that the support offered is in accord with the Orthodox Christian life. But obviously someone cared enough to create an organization for families with members who have disabilities, and if they can do it, we could also do it. They also may be available to Orthodox Christian counsellors to touch base with on issues specifically related to such families and couples who are struggling with various issues.


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  1. 1 thenonconformer August 4, 2008 at 3:19 PM

    When it comes to your own family you next often have to learn to live in love with what you got .. and the same attitude applies to divorce, you try to make the best of it.


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