My buddy Glenn works at the Homefields Farm, affiliated with Goodwill Industries in Lancaster, PA. He grew up on farms and knows his way around. Others at the farm learned their way around. Glenn works hard. He enjoys working. At the supper table he will often tell, with enthusiasm, the things he did that day- in detail.

This picture says a lot. People with disabilities can be fruitful in many ways. With the right job training, they can be productive. Glenn works for Goodwill Industries: one of a number of job training organizations in the U.S.

And such efforts can be found around the world. In England, you will find the Shaw Trust:

A specific provider of skills training in Kenya: the Matumaini Rehabilitation Center:

In India, you will find the Association of People with Disability: In the picture below from Koshuvalloor, Kerala, India, Rosamma receives instruction in the craft of broom-making at the Theeram Center, a division the India Center for Social Change (ICSC)

You can tour such efforts around the world at Workability International:

Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us a great commission, to baptize in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and to teach all that He commanded us. (St. Matthew Twenty-Eight) And the Orthodox Church, as His Body, is called to see that all her members have a place in the Church, (1 Corinthians 12) and to help them to fulfill God’s purposes for themselves in the eternal life in Christ into which they were baptized, a participation in divine life (by adoption) which begins now in this present life, seven days a week. And these efforts at vocational training would be a part of this. It may not be the Church’s “job,” but we can offer support and encouragement to families to help their members with disabilities “leave the nest” and struggle toward their full potential as persons in Christ.


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