Mining the RESOURCES

This blog is not mainly about the insights of your truly, the editor, but the many caring ministries which facilitate the gifts. spiritual and otherwise (though all from God) of persons with disabilities. Orthodox ministries and literatures are listed first, but the Spirit blows where He wills, and the many, well established, nearly comprehensive non-Orthodox websites in the OTHER (or MORE) RESOURCES section, both secular and religious, are invaluable supports for Orthodox Christian efforts in this realm. God gives insights to humanity as a whole, and perfects the new Humanity in the new Man, our Lord Jesus Christ, and His body, the Orthodox- one, holy, catholic, and apostolic- Church.

But has our response as Orthodox Christians and parishes to persons with disabilities been perfect? There are bright spots here and there, but we have work to do. Do we go the extra mile for the children with invisible disabilities that Matushka Wendy Cwiklinski writes about or do we marginalize them? Do we make the effort to include them in our Sunday Schools? Do we respond to the disruptive behaviors that attend their disabilites, making every effort to help our “normally abled” children learn with them and indeed from them (accepting differences is a normal part of every person’s socialization)  or do we take the easy way out, segregating them so things can go more smoothly?

Life is not smooth. We all learn not merely information, the content of the faith, but how to live together with the blessed truth, the Gospel, loving each other and those we rub shoulders with all week. If persons with disabilities require some adjustment on our part, its an opportunity for us to grow.   

God became man- glorify Him! And let us pray that  these words be made flesh, with the abundant help of our God.


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