Richard O. Stimson: Everyone is beautiful

We three kings

A talk by Richard O. Stimson, the director of a non-Orthodox Christian ministry The Special Gathering, entitled

 Everyone is Beautiful

3 pages:

He hearkens back to the saying, “Black is beautiful,” which is an important reality for black people to realize and affirm  as they deal with prejudice in our society. He broadens it to “Everyone is beautiful,” and then explains, in very down to earth language,  why “mental retardation is beautiful.” A very understandable and inspirational talk, and I don’t see anything that conflicts with Orthodox Christian teachings at all. He even identifies and corrects two misconceptions which are widely held among certain Protestant Christians.

 The Special Gathering: 

Also (the picture is from this weblog)

Richard O. Stimson:

And then there is Ray Steven’s 1970 song,

Everything is Beautiful

Probably most of you weren’t old enough to remember it, but here it is on You Tube, with pictures of lots of beautiful children in various poses, all vibrant with life: 

Finally,  I will quote Fyodor Dostoevsky, noted Russian Orthodox Christian author, from his novel, “The Idiot:”

“Beauty will save the world.”

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